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Where work is designed for people.

All you need to shape jobs for outcomes, not hours – so you can keep and progress your talented people.

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What is Flink?

At its core, Flink is about job sharing – about making job sharing work for you. But its goal is to help you achieve not just improved productivity but enhanced wellbeing at work.

Flink is a digital workspace where companies can design their jobs to fit the lives of talented people.

We take a people-first approach to job design. Our methodology can help transform your company’s roles to be inclusive, flexible and productive.

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Attract and retain your best people

Bring together the most talented people irrespective of where they are in their lives. And keep them.

You want to find amazing individuals, develop a diverse team, and avoid the heavy costs of losing people with great knowledge and experience. You want to help those diverse teams reach their full potential while giving them flexibility to also focus on what matters to them outside of work.

Build and run your team

Create a high-performing team that is focused on delivering the work. And see how well they’ll shine.

You want to nurture your team. Flink takes away the risks and challenges of job sharing, enabling you to structure a role for a person to produce their best work, and not around how many hours they work.

Steer and progress your career

Gain control of your own career by shaping your role to meet your ambitions. And have the space for your passions outside of work.

You want to be in charge of your career, fulfill your potential, and not have to sacrifice your professional goals because you’re at a pinch point in life. Flink sets up your job so that it works well for you while delivering what your company needs.

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Find out more about how you can design inclusive and flexible jobs.